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Make It Happen

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donald Trump The Next President of The United States

Whether you know me or not I have to tell you that I don't follow politics too closely. That being said I am an American Entrepreneur-which means who is in office, the tax codes they push through, and the way the public views them in general certainly impacts my bottom line.

But selfishly speaking, none of that crap really matters unless I get up everyday and work smarter and harder than the last. Maybe Trump's actually going to run-maybe not.

Either way I'm interested.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Build Your Real Estate Investing Power Team (pt 2)

Why Your Power Team is so Important

Every successful company from Coca-Cola & McDonalds to Apple & Google all have one thing in common-the right person in each position. The same absolutely holds true for your Michigan real estate investing business. Having bought my first investment property a decade ago I know the pain that we have to go through as small business owners ”trying people or companies out”. A lot of times our goals are not aligned with theirs. It’s imperative that you only do business with people who understand what you’re trying to achieve as an investor.

A couple good examples of folks that you need on your team if you want to be a successful real estate investor are an investor focused title company and rehab contractor. Let’s start with the rehab contractor…

You can call random strangers on Craigslist to come and work for you or give you quotes on your properties. Sometimes they may actually show up and sometimes they may actually do what they say. But do you want to give them a tryout on your project-I hope not! What if you had someone available to you who has a builders license, insurance, but more importantly testimonials from other real estate investors just like you stating how great it is to do business with this person and company. When you come to the 2011 Info Conference you’ll have the opportunity to meet this person.

What about when you receive a call from a letter that you sent out to a seller that you can cure their headache and purchase their house all cash quickly? How will you know how many liens are on the property and if they’re even the person who’s allowed to sell you the house? The answer-your title company.

When you become involved with The REIA of Macomb you’ll have person on speed dial who will answer those ULTRA important questions for you in a snap.

Real estate investing can be super complicated or easy-it’s up to each individual investor how they want to set their business up. Every month at The REIA of Macomb you can meet these important people that you need on your Power Team to help you make more money faster buying and selling real estate…but this month is your #1 chance to meet all of the experts in a more intimate setting than any other event each year.

To your Michigan real estate investing success,

Dylan Tanaka-Founder

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Build Your Real Estate Investing Power Team (pt 1

Who is on your Power Team?

Not a question that you’re asked very often.

How many deals have you done?

How much private money do you have?
How many units do you own?

Those seem to be the questions most commonly asked questions between members at REIA of Macomb events.

To be successful in real estate investing you need to be surrounded with the right people who are focused on helping you do more deals, do them faster, and more profitable. This month at The REIA of Macomb’s Main Event those are exactly the people that you’re going to meet.

In a round table fashion you’ll have the opportunity to learn from 10 experts in different areas of real estate investing. Every 10 minutes or so you’ll rotate to meet and learn from the next expert. Make sure, if you don’t have them already, to bring a stack of business cards-you’ll need them.

Long time REIA of Macomb member Roger Martin commented to me recently that since his first days with the club, almost 4 years ago, that The Info Conference is by far the best event to be at each year especially if you’re new to the business.

One of the most daunting parts of getting into business for yourself is all of the legal stuff that most regular people, myself included, have no clue about. Having a real estate attorney on your Power Team who you can bounce questions off is worth his weight in gold. This moth you’ll have the opportunity to ask those questions for FREE!

It’s also scary when you’re actually out there looking at the foreclosure properties and you’re not exactly sure what Land Mines you’re trying to avoid. That’s where an investor focused professional home inspector comes in. This month bring your toughest property inspection questions and ask the expert how to proceed. Getting the right answers may make you an extra $10,000 on you next deal, or more importantly
save you from a $20,000 mistake.

The REIA of Macomb is all about the success of Michigan real estate investors. It’s tough to be out there as a lone wolf trying to find, finance, and flip properties all on your own. At every REIA event you’ll meet like-minded people who are doing what you’re doing and overcoming the same obstacles. make sure to attend each event with an open mind and a willingness to learn, network, and grow.

See you in the trenches,

Dylan Tanaka-REIA of Macomb

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Farm For Michigan Foreclosures

How To Find the Diamonds In The Rough

As I sit and compose my thoughts for a mastermind meeting with my Champions Club members something hit me; why is the percentage of people who take action so low? This month at our mastermind meeting the topic is farming. No, not John Deere but your real estate target are that you look for deals in. This s a prefect example of LTMA, Less-Talk-More-Action. It's one of the least expensive activities that you can do to help you make huge profits in foreclosure investing.

Here's how a typical farming session goes;
1. Pick the area
2. Find out what recent sale prices are
3. Get a list of properties that are listed
4. Drive by them and the surrounding are and ask yourself if it's a place where people want to live
5. Have your exit strategy lined up i.e. rehab and flip, wholesale, or hold

After you finish with your dozen or so drive-bys, grab the notes you took and sit down and figure out if the area works for your exit strategy and at what price you need to get the property to make a nice profit. Then call your agent or the listing agents and start making offers, it's that simple L-T-M-A.

I know, I know "gas costs a lot of money". So don't go out for lunch that day and pack a sandwich. Maybe you think that driving around is boring, pop in a good real estate investing education CD and learn while you roll. If you have kids, throw them in their car seats and make an adventure out of it. Most of the property that you're looking at are vacant foreclosures so you can get out and walk around them and do some exploring. Whatever you do don't just sit around hoping a deal;'s going to fall in your lap, because it's not.

Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable, that's a big part of what Champions Club is all about. It takes a willingness to learn, grow, and give back. In the upcoming month's I'll be accepting a few action oriented individuals who want to move forward int their real estate investing business in the group. You can get on the waiting list and have an application sent to you by going to

Remember, it's not for everyone, so if you're still thinking about maybe trying to do some deals don't apply. If you're dead set on making real money in the foreclosure real estate BOOM, or you wan to double or triple what you've made in the least year investing you may be a good fit for the group.

Whichever category you fall into, live your life with passion and don't wait for things to happen, Make Them Happen.

Dylan Tanaka
REIA of Macomb

Saturday, June 5, 2010


90-10...Do You Have What It Takes to Do What Others Won't
(2 easy ways to prove that you are different than almost everyone else)

Recently at a Saturday Real Estate Investor's Workshop in the beginning of June, yes the weather was great outside, one of the attendees caught on to something that I was inferring. After explaining why I
DON"T want to text people in business & I DON'T want them to text me, even more I prefer to real mail them, don't use snail mail it puts an ugly connotation on the second most effective way for people to communicate.

I was teaching the hungry group of investors how to flip Michigan foreclosures with none of their own money for $5,000, $10,000,& frequently $20,000 profit checks. What clicked in the attendees head was my 10% Principal. No not a 10% loan on the principal amount of a loan, Dylan's 10% Principal. It's very simple, here goes;

pay attention here-Only 10% of the people, even if they are paying you hundreds if not thousands will listen to what you say and us the techniques they're paying you to learn.

The reason I was going over my "Don't text me rant", my fiance' receives the same lecture, is because there's less and less thought that goes into communication the easier it is to deliver. What I was attempting to drill into my students heads in this particular potion of the workshop is to use hand written or at the very least typed letters when corresponding with people who you want to do business with. This is just one small step that will move you closer to becoming a 10%er.

The second most simple way that will move you closer to being a 10%er is to let everyone know what you do and make it hard for them to forget. The easiest way to do this is with a business card. Don't go get free junky cards from an online company that has their advertising on the back. Spend the measly $50, click this link for the best great company that I use on a weekly basis and get full color UV coated glossy looking cards that will make the receiver remember you.

Maybe you use a picture of a lions with it's huge teeth aimed at you, or how about a really clever saying like; I flip houses faster than Tiger Woods changes mistresses!<=<=<=Now I may not use that last statement, but I wouldn't forget the person who gave me a business card with that as the headline.

NOW-having cool business cards is definitely not enough. You must be putting it in everyone's hand that you meet. Nobody pays attention to furniture company commercials or their financing offers until when? When they NEED furniture, right?

So for crying out LOUD, give out your business cards, 2 or 3 at a time. they cost a nickel an can easily make you $5000. That's a $10,000% ROI, I'll take that everyday.

Desperately seeking deals,
Dylan Tanaka

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tough Time Selling Your House-Copy What Builders Do

As the real estate market keeps plummeting the profit potential of home ownership has cooled as well. Here's a strategy called

"Copy the Builder"

It is relatively easy to make a profit when you sell your home if the market is rising sharply like it has been in most of the country till sometime in 2006. It becomes more difficult when a hot market slows down. It's very difficult to make a profit on the sale of your home when prices have fallen 25-75%.

Is there a guaranteed way to be relatively sure you'll make a profit when you sell your home? Of course not! However, I've seen progressive real estate investors use this maneuver multiple times when they don't even need to move.

Copy That Builder

In many areas of the country, there are builders who build hundreds of houses each year within a fifty mile radius of each other. They build entire communities or are one of three to five builders who build entire communities around big employment centers. This presents you with an important opportunity.

A New Community

Builders will typically sell first phases of communities for significantly less than later phases. On one hand, they need to get the cash flow moving. On the other, it is harder to sell at high prices because the community typically consists of dirt lots and construction equipment. Put the hands together and you have a great profit opportunity. Recently due to the house prices coming down so hard in Michigan, the later phases are actually selling for less.

How To Copy The Builder

A lot of times there are previously built homes or subdivisions near these new projects. There are always bank owned foreclosures available at huge discounts that are only a few years old. As a savvy investor you can use the following formula to make huge profits more quickly in Michigan foreclosures;

1. Find a great home that needs little work that's only a few years old.

2. Freshen it up with paint, carpet, and fixtures.

3. At this point you need to be into the project at 30-40% less (yes, it is possible) than retail listings in the same ares.

4. Make sure that it'll be ready with enough time so that your buyers can take advantage of the $8000 home buyer tax credit

5. List it with a great agent and make sure you offer both the selling agent (xtra commission) and buyer something special (like a plasma TV is they close by a certain time).

Think outside the box and you will make money in Michigan's foreclosure real estate market.

Make It Happen,

Dylan Tanaka

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Steps To Filpping Real Estate For Huge Profits

Do you Want To Make Money Flipping Michigan Real Estate?

1. Money is made at the buy, not the sell of your flip. When flipping a house your money is made at the purchase not at the sell of the house. So, many times people buy a house with the intentions of making a huge profit only to find out that they could not make any money after all the renovations because the purchased price of the house was to high. When you purchase your property you need to be sure that you buy the house with enough money to make renovations, carrying costs, plus marketing. Mistakes are made at the purchase at the home, not the sale.

2. Get an inspection on the home - Get a complete inspection done on your property. By, spending a couple hundred dollars on this expense you can save thousands in problems that you cannot see. You can take notes and learn a lot of information from a good home inspector. In your purchase agreement you need to make sure that you have 7 days to have a inspection preformed, and if the inspection finds problems that are going to cost more money that you are willing to spend you can get out of the contract with no penalties.

3. Don't do the work yourself: - Get a contractor or several sub-contractors and have the work done quickly. You need to have you house flipped ASAP, so that you can get it on the market and get it SOLD. DO NOT spend all our time working on the property, spend that time looking for the next deal. This is how you get rich in real estate.

4. Place the property 10 to 15 percent below market value: If you are wanting to flip real estate and make money the object is to buy and sell the property as quickly as possible, so that you can move on to the next house. If you purchase a house and try to sell it at top dollar to make and extra couple of thousand dollars on your flip, and end up holding it for 6 months you are loosing money. Get the house on the market at a price that is going to blow the competition away, and you will sell it no matter what the market conditions. That is what you have to do right now as we are in a buyer's market.

5. Use a real estate agent - Do not try to sell you house on your own. Harness the power of a real estate agent and the power of the MLS system. When you do a FSBO you are depending on people driving by your house and seeing you sign, with a real estate agent you have some one actively marketing you house to get it sold. Once again this will free up more time for you to look for more great deals. If you want to help the process I have found that craigslist and listing you house in google adwords help to, but I use these tools with the help of a agent to make sure I have all my bases covered.

***#6 BONUS. Join The REIA of Macomb, Michigan's #1 Real Estate Investing Club. There is NO BETTER place to meet other real estate investors who are Mking It Happen

Dylan Tanaka

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DON'T MISS This Month's REIA of Macomb Event & WIN A FREE PLASMA

7 Reasons NOT TO MISS
Tomorrow Night's Main Event at The REIA of Macomb

Here's the list that will make sure that you are in the house;

#1. FREE admission for EVERYONE!!!
ALL members, guests, previous members, & previous guests, YES this means YOU!

#2. You can win an HD PLASMA TV
a lucky attendee tomorrow night will take home a new TV!

#3. NO-HOLDS-BARRED q&a session hosted by Andy Heller

our main presenter
at 5:30 Andy's offering a FREE early bird session for YOU

#4. Meet a dozen vendors who will save you money right now
You're offered special discounts that You can ONLY reciceive at THE REIA of Macomb

#5. You'll learn money saving techniques from members like this CLICK HERE
have you ever seen a contractor with such a great website?

#6. Receive a positive message about today's HUGE opportunities in

Michigan Foreclosures
meet and network with real investors, not has-beens who are looking to re-invent themselves in order to sell you more get rich quick schemes

#7. Experience Michigan's #1 place to Learn, Network, & Grow your real estate investing business
If you don't think that The REIA is a great place to spend time with like minded people at the end of tomorrow night's event, we'll offer you a 200% no strings attached money back guarantee.

***Remember, seating is extremely limited***

To guarantee a seat for this money making & money saving event call 586-435-7113 right now and let us know how many sets you will need saved just for you.

Doors open at 5:15 p.m. for the early bird session

When: Thursday, October 29th
The Main Event will start at 7:00 p.m. Where: Royalty House 8201 Old 13 Mile Warren, MI 48093

Investment to attend :FREE, FREE, FREE for everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your 2009 Real Estate Goals part 2

Success: Given or Earned II

In today's information age sometimes we forget how to get back to the basics. It's a lot easier to call then stop by, next it becomes quicker to e-mail instead of calling, soon you're texting as opposed to e-mail. In no time you're refinancing with a computer screen and wondering why at the close your rate jumped a point!

What the heck happened to a pencil and paper, a coffee and a handshake, or even yes sir no sir?

It seems like a million years ago I posts a blog titled Success: Given or Earned.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

There truly is no substitute for hard work. Tomorrow night my partners and I will be the keynote speaker at The REIA of Macomb, a networking, teaching, and success group that we founded 2 full years ago. As I was preparing for tomorrow's event I reflected today on how far we've come in 2 short years.

In the earlier growth days of the group, Nathan and I shared a 15 x 12 office and were flipping, renting, and even retailing houses from that little space. Oops, we were also running the REIA out of there also. A little more than a couple hundred members later and over 50 more property acquisitions later, we're in a couple thousand square foot office with a small staff, brokers license, and greater deals staring us in the face than ever.

We brought on another partner Adam Davis just over a year ago, and the
REIA of Macomb and Jeffrey Douglas Property Investments have both been on a meteoric rise ever since. Can I attribute our success strictly to goals and business planning, of course not. However I can say with conviction that without both goal planning both business and personal, we would not be where we are today.

Enough of my soapbox, I promised you my 2009 real estate goals and I now deliver...

1) Get into a commercial deal strictly for consistent cashflow
2) Reach my 100th purchase (well over 70 at this point)

3) Deliver an even greater experience to all REIA members/vendors/visitors
4) Create, write, and publish The Underground REI Report newsletter

5) Help as many real estate investors reach their dreams as possible

I know, number 5 may seem a little sappy. The truth is the more people that you help get what they want, the more you will seem to get what you want. If you're reading this and have not yet written out your 2009 real estate goals I truly hope that this inspires you to sit your butt down with a pad and pencil and get to work.

As always, only YOU can Make It Happen!!!

Dylan Tanaka

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Real Estate Investing Goals

Back To the Basics

Confessions of a Michigan Real Estate Investor

Learn, teach, and network. Those words have been spoken by me on stage, over the phone, and over many Skinny Lattes. 2009 spells the beginning of a 24-36 month acquisition period for savvy Michigan real estate investors. We've effectively tracked prices plummet 75% in the cities that we purchase and sell single family homes. As long as you have your exit strategy palnned out and you don't over-finance your purchase, you simply can't lose.

=>=>=>Southeast Michigan real estate is on Clearance Sale!

Let's use a recent deal that we did just this month...

The property: A Roseville ranch with 3 beds, a basement, 1 1/2 bath, with garage located near I696 and Gratiot Ave

Purchase price: $29,999

Rehab cost: $7,500

This gives you a payment near $250 for principle and interest.

Lets add $300 for taxes and insurance.

Our total is $550.

Here's where the fun begins...

What's your exit strategy? We'll go through the guaranteed rent scenario, the lease option scenario, and the land contract scenario.

Okay, section 8 vouchers are close to $900 for a 3 bed home with basement. That gives you $350 in cashflow with a check coming from Jenny (The State of Michigan).

On a lease option you will get at least $2000 if not $3000 down as an option deposit and $900-$1000 lease payment. Your sale price on the house will probably be $79,999. That leaves you with a couple grand upfront and another $350 a month worst case scenario. Plus when you actually sell the property to the prospective buyer you've got a $35,000-40,000 back end.

There are pluses and minuses to the land contract sale. Lets get the minuses out of the way first. If your buyer defaults, you may have to foreclose, which will cost you a couple thousand in lawyer fees and a 6-12 month loss of payments.

Alright, here's the advantages to selling on land contract. You don't have to get rental certifications, a lengthy and sometimes costly process full of headaches. Your buyer qualifies for homesteaded taxes, (which leaves more of the payment to go towards you) and they are typically responsible to pay them. However, I suggest that you have them either pay you or an escrow/title company to make sure that they are on time. They are also responsible for all utilities, water, appliances, yard maintenance and so on. Your buyers are also able to write off the land contract interest on their taxes.

***Remember*** in Michigan 10.99 is the maximum rate that you can charge on a land contract.

Lets do the numbers...

We'll use the same $79,999 sale price. this time you're going to get 10% down and carry a note for $69,999 at 10.99% Amortized over 30 years their payment to you is $656, remember your payment is $250.

So you're cashflowing $400/month, and you received $7,500 upfront. Me likey! Also on a land contract you can play with the terms. If that payment is too high for your buyer you can lower the rate, or make it interest only. If your buyer can handle a higher payment you can amortize it over 15 years, which will give you around $525 in cashflow. If you can get them to refinance you out in 3 years your going o profit near $30,000, give or take a few.

It really all depends on what you feel works best for your business.

So what the heck are my goals???

Tune in next week!
Dylan Tanaka

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fortune Cookie Tells Story

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

If you're a gambler those numbers may really be lucky!

Dylan Tanaka

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

RedGag Radio Get's It's Own Site

(slap some of this across the mouth of the next negative person you meet)

Sick and Tired of All the Negativity Spewed About
Michigan Business By 2/4/7 and The News?

Probably like the rest of the positive entrepreneurs out there that frequent my blog, I'm fed up with all of the complaining that I hear from lazy people. As the world climates change, so do economic climates. Sheople say that it may not be as easy to make in Michigan as it used to be. I want to ask them "When it was soooo easy to make money, how much were you making?"

A lot of times their answer is probably the same then as it is now, $35,000 but that's because.... more excuses. As my gift to the world RedGag Radio has finally earned it's own podcast page. This is where you'll hear my thoughts on the Sheople that certainly need to be RedGagged!!!

Check it out at

You guessed it, Make It Happen

Dylan Tanaka

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dylan Tanaka Hits Metro Detroit Air Waves, And The Sheople Get Scared

On 1400 AM WDTK Dylan Tanaka & Adam J. Davis Give Real Life Account Of What's Happening In Michigan Real Estate In 2008

If you are reading this before 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 10th than you must tune in to 1400 AM WDTK today. You can click THIS LINK or go to 1400 on your AM dial. Adam J. Davis and myself are guest staring on Mortgage Matters hosted by Kevin Weedmark, President and CEO of Granite Capital, Michigan's fastest growing commercial financing firm.

If you missed the broadcast check back in a couple of days. I will have the podcast link on this site.
If you have a chance to listen live and want to call in to participate here's the station number 800-923-WDTK.

Remember you can always leave your comments at the bottom of eah of my posts, and I want to know what you think!

Making It Rain in 2008,

Dylan Tanaka

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday REIA of Macomb

Michigan's Premier Real Estate Investor Association Turns 1!!!

Anyone who reads this blog knows what The REIA of Macomb is and what it means to real estate investors. On January 31st, 2008 The REIA of Macomb had it's first birthday.

The air was absolutely electric at The Royalty House, The REIA's new location for The Main Event. There were more vendors, plasma screens, and video cameras than ever before.

Dwan Bent-Twyford shared her expert knowledge on shortsales, not just how to find them, but how to wholesale them after you get the payoff accepted!!! Isn't that an awesome weapon to have in your arsenal in Michigan real estate investing? You bet it is.

The most exciting part of the night was the REIA member of the year awards. There were 3 separate awards given out. The first two were for REIA of Macomb Make It Happen members of the year runner ups. It was actually a tie between 3 people. What does that mean?

We'll the first runner up award went to Tina Puma, who is a very active REIA of Macomb, as well as Wealth In REI member. Tina is finishing up her first deal in Roseville, MI. Believe it or not her first rehab is going to come in around $45,000 in repair cost. her purchase piece was around $25,000. That puts her at a total of $70,000 on a house that sold for $130,000 only two short years ago. She plans on either selling it outright or on lease option.

Great Job Tina, You Are Making It Happen!!!

The next runner up went to a partnership. Raja Gomath and Prakash Patel have purchased 4 properties since becoming members of both The REIA of Macomb & Wealth In REI. I met them a little over a year ago, they promised me that they would do their first deal in 2007. Well their finishing up their 4th in a little more than 12 months!!!

Awesome Year Fellas, You're Both Definitely Making It Happen!!!

Last but certainly not least is The REIA of Macomb Make It Happen Member of the Year for 2007. This award didn't go to a single investor, it went to a family. Ray Barwin is a full time employee with one of the Big 3, he bought a 50 unit apartment building and turned it around in no time. Now he's buying single family homes around his building to help his apartment tenants transition into home ownership.

All of that may warrant being REIA member of the year, but that's nothing. The best part about this man and his family is that they attend all of the REIA of Macomb functions together as a family. From the Make It Happen BBQ to the Christmas Networking Event, The Barwins are always there learning, sharing and networking.

So the award goes out to Minnie, Kristen, Ken, and Ray Barwin, the #1 family in Michigan real estate investing.

If you missed January's REIA, DON'T miss February. We're going to have 10 different experts that you will be able to personally talk to.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wealth In R.E.I. Members Making A Difference In Michigan Foreclosure Investing

The Elite Mastermind Group Proves Synergy Exists Between Metro Detroit Real Estate Investors

As most of you know reading this post know my partner Nathan Mayes and I founded Wealth In REI, a private real estate consulting group in late 2007. Since that time Michigan real estate investing has shown more and more opportunity.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the more of something that's available(foreclosures), the less desirable(the price goes down) they become. Right now in metro Detroit there are more houses on the market than there has been in 20 years. So the question is how does the average investor put their real estate investing business on steroids? By becoming a part of a mastermind, that's how.

Here's a promo the Adam J Davis,, vice-president of The REIA of Macomb put together for Wealth In REI.

For those of you who don't receive my regular e-mails about metro Detroit real estate investing and want to start receiving them, enter your information in the blue box on the right side of this blog titled REIA of Macomb newsletter.

make sure not to miss this month's Main Event. Dwan Bent-Twyford, the Queen of Shortsales is flying in from Colorado to help The REIA celebrate it's 1st Birthday!!!

Dylan Tanaka
Very important real estate investing sites

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Announcing RedGag Radio!!!

Dylan Tanaka Goes Live With Podcasts

2008 will be a banner year for Michigan real estate investors and entrepreneurs.  Part of my promise to all of you is to keep you highly motivated with this blog.

Look for weekly podcasts and videos from mw all year long.

Here's where we start

Keep your feedback coming, oh yeah...

Make It Happen!!!

Dylan Tanaka

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Oakland Business Forum is Born!!!

Last night, The Oakland Business Forum got off to a roaring start! Everyone that was there got heavy doses of great information from our keynote speakers, Terry Bean and Charlie Wollborg, contacts to build their businesses and fresh perspective on why it is a great time to be doing business in Michigan.

The Oakland Business Forum was founded with a vision to bring the collective knowledge and shared experience of entrepreneurs, investors and prospective entrepreneurs together for mutual gain.

Each month, The Oakland Business Forum will feature the following:

- a DYNAMIC keynote speaker- the “entrepreneur of honor”
- a local entrepreneur who presents their business to the audience
- “30 seconds to fame” - entrepreneurs and professionals from the audience get to “ask” what they are looking for in their business to take it to the next level - in front of everyone

Our first meeting yesterday was a smashing success! Thank to you all who came out to build your business or to figure out what you can do to get started in business.

A HUGE Part of our “30 Seconds to Fame” portion of each meeting is to videotape each “ask” and broadcast it as far and fast as possible, with the goal of helping the entrepreneur accomplish their goals. Below is the “30 Seconds” to fame portion of last night’s meeting:

If you can help these ambitious entrepreneurs out in any way with what they are looking for to boost their business, than please get in contact with them directly, through the Oakland Business Forum or contact me directly.
Be sure to attend the Oakland Business Forum for our next meeting, on February 19, 2008, where Josh Linkner of ePrize will be our keynote speaker. Josh is one of Michigan’s brightest and fastest growing entrepreneurs and runs one of the fastest growing companies in the United States! Doors open at 6 pm at the Hilton Northfield in Troy, MI.

Dylan Tanaka

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Insanely Important REIA of Macomb Update...You Must Read This

Here is a recent press release concerning Michigans Premier Real Estate Investor's Association...

How to Wholesale & How to Shortsale Taught By Successful Millionaire Investor Dwan Bent-Twyford at The REIA of Macomb’s Main Event

Warren, MI – on January 31st 2008, The REIA of Macomb, ( Michigan’s Premier Real Estate Investors Association’s January Freedom Through Foreclosures Event will take place at the club’s new venue, The Royalty House in Warren, Michigan. Located at 8201 Old 13 Mile in Warren Michigan 48093, near 13 Mile Rd & Van Dyke, the REIA club was forced to move due to uncontrollable membership growth.

To start 2008 off right, The REIA of Macomb has secured their most famous national speaker to date, Dwan Bent-Twyford, for a one night only Freedom Through Foreclosures Event. Michigan real estate investing is filled with more opportunity now than ever, especially with REO’s (bank foreclosures). Start you year off right and get to THE REIA of Macomb’s Main Event.

Dwan Bent-Twyford, The Queen of Short Sales®, is a distinguished author, motivating national speaker, and incredible teacher. She has published several home study courses that will teach you every aspect of the exciting foreclosure world….in detail! In a world dominated by men, this amazing woman has certainly made her mark wholesaling, shortsaling, buying, rehabbing, and successfully selling real estate for over a decade.

Her niche is finding foreclosures with no equity, negotiating with the banks to accept less than what is owed, thus creating a “Short Sale®.” Over the last several years she has developed a hugely successful “Short Sale®” system that has earned her and her students hundreds of thousands of dollars. She wants to share that knowledge with you. Her goal is simple…to teach you how to become a “super investor” using her proven techniques, strategies, and concepts. Don’t miss this exciting lady!

The REIA of Macomb is a non-profit organization open to the public. The REIA’s main goal is for members to learn, teach, and network. It doesn’t matter where you live, you are welcomed with open arms at Macomb County’s Exclusive Real Estate & Success Club.

The REIA of Macomb meet the last Thursday of each month at the Exclusive Royalty House in Warren, Michigan. Located at 8201 Old 13 Mile Rd Warren, MI 48093 it is easily accessible from all major freeways and less than an hour from Detroit Metro Airport .

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. for early networking.

First time attendees are always FREE!

***Seating is extremely limited***

To R.S.V.P. call Dylan Tanaka @ 586-435-7113

or e-mail

For information on future events go to

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wealth In REI Member Makes It Happen

244 Dickinson, An Investors First Major Rehab

REIA of Macomb member Mark Sobolic has burned his ship!!! He's made the commitment to be a full time real estate investor by 2009. As a founding member of Wealth In REI, Mark's decide to put all of his education and his personal network to the test.

Here's the deal...

244 Dickinson
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
3bed bungalow on a full basement with a 2 1/2 car garage.

Now if that's how this home is marketed, it's not moving in this market. One of the topics that we are exploring in early 2008 in Wealth In REI, is how to market your properties and get a 300% better response than the competition. My partner Nathan Mayes and I are considered to be top marketers in the current real estate climate. By purchasing close to one Michigan Income Property a week, we are forced to be extremely proactive in the marketing of these houses.
If you would like to find out more on how to successfully purchase 50 houses over the next 12 months you need to get to The REIA and inquire about your possible enrollment in Wealth In REI.

Back to Mark's Freedom...

You read the mundane description of his house above, let's look at how this home would describe itself after it's rehabbed.

Hi my name is 244 Dickinson. I'm a classic 50's built bungalow that sets directly across from a tranquil park. As you walk my way you'll notice my fresh taupe exterior paint, air tight vinyl double tilt hung windows, all capped off by my new 40 year dimensional roof. Surrounding my foundation is very natural landscaping accompanied by a perfectly manicured lawn. Off to my right is my 2 1/2 car double doored with new vinyl siding covering it.

My lovely front entrance welcomes you, my gleaming hardwood floors stop you in your tracks, for fear of possibly slipping on the ice-like finish. As you venture in I can brag about my natural fireplace with refinished mantle for your family's pictures. The next doorway brings you to my crown jewel, the modern kitchen. I have a new ceramic floor, light fixtures, and cheery custom paint. That's not all. You'll also notice my new hardwood cabinets, sparkling appliances, that you'll enjoy dining in my breakfast nook.

Moving toward the hall your jaw will drop when you see how large the two bedrooms are. Best of all they're separated by my completed updated full ceramic bathroom. Your family will love growing up in a house with such a modern feel. The largest bedroom is located upstairs, where typical bungalows seem slanted, mine feels like a new build's master suite. This room will become your sanctuary after a long day.

Don't forget that I have a full basement for laundry, storage, or overflow from your big family get togethers. This is not the basements that most Mt. Clemens residents are punished with. It's tall enough for the Pistons to come over and hang out! I'm as dry as you'll find in The Clem thanks to my waterproofing and the addition of a sump pump.

Enough about my basement. I want to leave you with one thought...Imagine watching your kids playing in the snow at the park across the street while sipping hot cocoa at your bistro table out your breakfast nooks window. Please make me yours.

That's how a listing should read about this romantic home.
Stay tuned, pictures and stories of Mark's rehab will follow in the coming weeks. If you are interested in speaking with Mark, you need to come to the REIA of Macomb's Main Event that happens the last Thursday of every month and seek him out.

Make it Happen Mr. Sobolic.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dylan Tanaka's Top 5 "Must Read" Sales Books

Make 1000% ROI By Reading This Blog

Okay let's get right to the nitty gritty. We will start from #5 and work down to #1.

The #5 Best Sales Book

The Art Of The Deal
-Donald Trump

Although brash to the point of rudeness no one can Trump The Donald. Mostly a brag-a-thon about his deals in the 80's, the stories are still fascinating. Learning some of Trumps' negotiating techniques will no doubt strengthen your level of influence.

The #4 Best Sales Book

Secrets Of Closing the Sale
-Zig Ziglar

If you read my earlier post CLICK HERE, than I don't need to overwhelm you with how important this book is to your entrepreneurial life. If you haven't head Zig speak before than enjoy

This book has over 100 specific closes and over 700 sales questions are answered. this book is an absolute must-have.

The #3 Best Sales Book

Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion
-Napoleon Hill

In this book Napoleon focuses on how to be more successful in sales. He shares wisdom that has been copied and rehashed by the likes of Tom Hopkins and Tony Robbins. Napoleon started it all.

The #2 Best Sales Book

How To Win Friends And Influence People
-Dale Carnegie

I've been known to throw copies of this book out to the crowd at REIA of Macomb Main Events. I believe that for pure internal, emotional sales and life principles this book is number 1. The only reason it's not my #1 sales book is because #1 is purely about sales, and this book touched a lot on life. Carnegie believed, is due 15 percent to professional knowledge and 85 percent to "the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people." Carnegie says you can make someone want to do what you want them to by seeing the situation from the other person's point of view and "arousing in the other person an eager want." You learn how to make people like you, win people over to your way of thinking, and change people without causing offense or arousing resentment. For instance, "let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers," and "talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person."

The #1 Best Sales Book

No B.S. Sales Success: The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners & Make Tons of Money
-Dan S. Kennedy

This book wins the number 1 spot because it is 2007 not 1937. Dan's true No B.S. style is what we as salespeople/entrepreneurs need to hear. His pure savvy within his consulting techniques are second to none. Dan keeps his books rather short but packed with content. This is in no sense a business bible, but as far as sales is concerned in the 2000's and beyond, his principles simply need to be adopted by us. I challenge you to implement a few of Dan's techniques and watch your income multiply.

All of these books can be found at a fraction of their cover price on or Your only excuse is that another episode of Grey's Anatomy or maybe the Awesome Detroit Lions were on tv. get off your butt and Make it Happen!!!
Dylan Tanaka